Parce que la fête s’y prête

Et qu’une sorcière peut aussi être coquette,

Les citrouilles,

Sans « fichent » la trouille,

Envahissent mes lignes pour Halloween !   

Pumpkins on my lines for Halloween!

Il y a celles pour les aiguilles, les bijoux, et les trésors….

There are those for needles, jewels, and treasures...

Méfiez-vous des sorts, il parait que les quilteuses et brodeuses qui font des points la nuit d’ Halloween sont condamnées à le faire toute leur vie !  ;-)  

Distrust fates, he adorned that quilteuses and embroiderers who sew the night of Halloween are condemned to make him all their life!;-)

Merci pour votre patience d’ange, et bienvenue à mes nouveaux membres !

Je reviens très vite avec un bébé crazy quilt tout en douceur….

Thank you for your patience of a saint, and welcome to my new members!

I return very fast with a crazy quilt young quite gently.
Happy Halloween!!!!!

12 commentaires:

  1. Your "pin pumpkins" are adorable. I love how you take something and explore it and its images to the fullest. Happy Fall to you.

  2. Oh Evy!!! Gorgeous! To be honest, completely honest, I hate Halloween, but for the first time I see something beautiful for Halloween! You have made something so special of it. I love the colors you used, the contrast between the peacock blue and the oranges. Fantastique! Beautiful bling bling brooches too by the way! Have a bon Dimanche ;-))

  3. Bonjour Evy , je ne suis pas une grande fan d'Halloween mais j'aime les rondeurs , les couleurs et la belle diversité de variétés de citrouilles.
    Les tiennes sont brillantes , chatoyantes et rayonnantes !
    Bonne semaine

  4. Je viens admirer les merveilleux détails ! ton travail est toujours aussi recherché et minutieux.
    Encore un plaisir des yeux !
    Bonne fête d'Halloween...

  5. Dear Evy We don't celebrate Halloween here in Australia so therefore I am not attracted to the whole thing much but this display is such a feast to the eyes - It is so rich and so well thought out including your bling and photography not too mention your pincushions. Your skills inspire greatly.
    Have a great week friend,
    Love and hugs,

  6. Oh Evy, your Fantasy Halloween Creations are Magnificent and the Photography of it all is Enchanting!!! I see that you too love the Velvet Pumpkins coupled with Bohemian Bling. *Winks* I think it makes a perfect combination and your Vintage Photos make for a delightful Vignette where our Imaginations can invent a Halloween Story!

    Thank you for coming by my Halloween Post and leaving kind words.

    Happy Halloween... Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. Elles sont bien jolies tes petites citrouilles, toutes scintillantes... De vrais bijoux de sorcière... Bonne journée.

  8. Evy thank you for stopping by my Blog. Today I saw the most amazing Victorian Style Crazy Quilt with so many wonderful embellishments... I instantly thought of you! It was at the State Fair and won 1st place, it was magnificent and I wished I'd had my camera to take some photos of it, but alas, I had left it at home. I wrote down the name of the lady who made it though and Hope to find some of her work online? I'll let you know if I find her on the Internet, you'd love her work.

    I do agree with your comment that if an item has too heavy a Past History then I'm not sure I would have a Peace about owning it either. Feelings can be attached to a piece, which is why I believe a Beloved piece becomes so attractive regardless of condition.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. notre patience , nous permet de nous régaler à chacun de tes articles ; très belles mise en scène pour ces citrouilles de sorcière, j'ai un gros faible pour celles qui cachent les bijoux , un très joli chapelet de citrouilles et les pique-épingles n'en sont pas moins originaux et féeriques . beaucoup de talent dans toutes ces créations . douce journée

  10. I'm way behind on commenting...the days are just flying by again.
    It’s always a pleasure seeing what you are up to. Beautiful post, Evy! Your velvet pumpkins are adorable and I love all the bling and especially the vintage photos.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Gaby xo

  11. Bonjour Evy!
    Oh my goodness what a beautiful post! I had to go back over it a few times to soak up all the deliciousness!
    Thank you so much for sharing your opinion on my bronze box. I've wondered for years what it was for? And your explanation sounds like a very good one....Something I would've never considered in a million years! But it does make sense. So a heartfelt merci! Vanna/now your newest follower on this blog *winks*

  12. hello
    I found you over on Vanna blog delusion of grander

    i really want some velvet pumpkins and yours are pretty. also lovin that rhinestone jewelry

    I don't do skeltons and such on halloween but do pumpkins and rhinestones LOl



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